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March 26, 2015

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24 weeks. feeling a bit uncomfortable and my skin feels thin and stretched. its not nearly as uncomfortable as it will get though. now when she moves you can see it ripple across my stomach. i am getting regular braxton-hicks, those really annoying practice contractions. (seriously uterus, you don’t need to practice. we are pros at this.) when i roll over at night i get a flurry of little squeezes. i have always felt braxton-hicks in my stomach as well as my chest. theres something about these little squeezy practices that make me feel like my ribcage is being constricted and it makes it difficult to catch my breath.


my view from the top.


I have to hold my breath when i bend over to pick things up off the floor, load the bottom rack of the dishwasher, or pull  laundry out from the dryer. it won’t be long before I can’t do those things anymore.


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