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March 16, 2015

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i am not getting hunger cues. interesting. i thought it was because i don’t have much stomach room left anymore, but i suspect its actually depression. theres been so many times in the past few weeks that think “hmm. i am starting to feel miserable and slightly ill…” then i look at the clock and realize that its 2:45 in the afternoon and all I’ve eaten the whole day is one small bowl of sweet potato soup and a piece of toast. duh. but the fact that my body isn’t telling me ‘hey you are hungry, its mealtime’ is strange.

a vague-friend (you know what i mean) posted something slightly cruel about ‘girls’ who want expensive diamonds in their engagement/wedding rings. the text insinuated that these ‘girls’ (because nobody who gets married is an adult woman, apparently) were a bit dumb and being selfish. something along the lines of “a man wants to give his life to you and all you want is the most expensive ring you can get”. i took the bait. i commented that there are actual legit reasons that people should avoid diamonds. just a fact. then someone followed up behind me saying “those girls are the same as the ‘spa-day’ girls” stupid emoticon grin.

yes well THATS not going to pass without me calling you out on it, you piece of shit. hold up – i chose to not have a diamond for various and actually legit reasons, but i have ALSO been to a spa once. i would not likely go back becasue its not really my thing, but i might go back if i went with a couple friends and it was a special reason to go again. however there is nothing wrong with going to the spa. the fact that you choose not to go and other people choose to go does not make ‘girls’ who go to spas inferior to you, or give you any reason to be an ass about it. it is simply a choice. you are not better than them becasue you don’t go. got it? and making the connection between ‘girls’ who wear diamonds (CAN WE PLEASE USE THE WORD WOMEN?) as being the same people who go to the spa is a huge one-dimensional generalization. talking like that about people is not acceptable. smarten up.

facebook was thinking of adding a little prompt that comes up when you are about to post a status or, i believe, a comment as well, that says ‘do you really want to post this?’. i think thats very smart. i would like to see that happen. i would like to see people think twice before they contributed something harmful and useless to the internet.


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