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March 11, 2015

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Here’s a holy crap moment. That’s a pic of one of a set of twins. Born at about 22 weeks. By 22 weeks you have a slim, but still possible, chance of survival. But likely those babies who do survive will have various ongoing health/developmental issues.

I have something very much like that inside me right now. She’s kicking me from the inside and she’s big enough that I can’t sleep through it anymore. If she’sawake, I’m probably awake.

SHes starting to react to things outside her environment- like if I change position or roll over. If i go pee sometimes she wakes up with a jolt my two theories are either because the uterus sits on top of the bladder and if the bladder empties she falls down, or the noise of a bladder emptying, or maybe its both. there’s one pair of jeans she seems to hate. They are tighter jeans and if i sit in a chair and then lean forward she kicks furiously against the pressure. Not totally sure she’s reacting to sound yet


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