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March 6, 2015

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sparring match.


obviously my camera is shit.

barb emailed us saying she has booked a flight back to Toronto (i almost typed ‘home’ but really, shes been gone so long I’m not sure where she thinks home is anymore) for march 28th.

Kristy’s due date is march 22.

not cool. not fucking cool at all. i am quite annoyed with barb for her jerk move. when i was due with both girls, she made an extra effort to be available to us. she was going to book a cottage for the summer but she stayed in Toronto when i was due with blaze. but for Kristy? not the same treatment at all. i don’t know where her head is at.
Kristy called me and we talked about it. she is also bothered by it, but she seems to feel mostly like ‘oh well, shes showing her true colours now so i know to drastically lower my expectations ahead of time”. but its also about bob. its his first baby too. and both of his parents have made themselves unavailable. Kristy says he is really hurt by it. when it was jims first baby, they were present and supportive. but for bob? they go to a different country.

bernie is going to florida right on top of Kristys due date and staying for a month. barb is coming home a week after her due date and going back to florida a week later. what. the. fuck. Kristy said “i’m pretty sure that bob wants to be able to run out to the waiting room and announce that his daughter was born to someone.” and i thought, if Kristy goes in for an emergency section and she hemorrhages everywhere, bob is going to want to call one of his parents for support. but they have both made themselves unavailable.

i want to call her out on this bullshit. i want to write back and say ‘this is not okay. you treated us totally differently when it was our first baby.’ but i dont know what to say. i also know that i should not get involved, but it bothers me to watch it happen without putting my foot down.


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