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February 20, 2015

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Feeling big today. Even though this is only the halfway point really. My belly button is slowly making its way from concave to flat. Then it will continue right on out to convex, right at the end.

I am tired. Got girls to school then jim and I went to my appointment. I asked my midwives to put a referral for me into the women’s college program. I have felt fine for a while but I know that ddoesn’tmean a whole lot. I asked Sara her opinion on starting back on SSRIs while pregnant because I don’t know much about that. She said that the recommendations haven’t changed even though there’s been dozens of studies done about the subject – its better to treat it than suffer, for mom AND fetus. The risk to the fetus is higher if mom is untreated. A low dose doesn’t seem to affect babies.

We picked up blaze and went to grocery store. Jim went to get his phone fixed, i cleaned the kitchen and made chocolate coconut brownies for my neighbour as a thankyou for her willingness to do some last-minute babysitting. Ran the dishwasher twice. Took blaze to pick up coco. Gave the girls a snack and a show and told them Iwas going to put away laundry but i went to bed instead. They came to ask me to do things for them a few times So it wasn’t exactly completely restful. Eventually blaze just got into bed with me. I think we both slept for a short while.

Jim came home from ryerson. He tried to keep the girls quiet so I could sleep but Igot up to make dinner. Fed everyone, and felt yucky. Didn’t eat much myself and though I feel a bit guilty about not being very productive i think I will just drink a bucket of water and go back to bed again.


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