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February 12, 2015

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i made a slightly too spicy chipotle beef stew.

I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to cook recently. the other day i made a vegetable and bean soup. basically a minestrone. simple, minimal spices, and it was great. we ate it for two days. today, the stew. i cut up some vegetables and browned them in a pot, tossed in two packages of stewing beef (thanks mom for the free meat) added chipotle peppers, a little bit of our own chicken stock and on a whim, some sherry vinegar. cooked it for the entire afternoon. at the last moment added quinoa. how easy is that? why can’t people cook? it truly doesn’t take long at all. i figure that in the amount of time you order a pizza and wait for it to show up, generally 30-40 minutes, you could have made a meal. you know whats super easy? a couple fried eggs. there – dinner. people need to eat every day so you may as well learn to cook. it helps if you learn how to cook healthy and decent meals too. being able to cook on the fly is something i am proud of – you know, one of those “end of the world life skills”.

my dads version of cooking is look in the fridge and pull out anything that looks like a sauce in a bottle and toss it all into this one thing. fish sauce, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and then some stale-ass “mostly salt” spice mix all go into a stir fry, which is cooked for half an hour and then “kept warm” for the next 20 minutes. it is paired with a package of uncle bens chicken-flavoured rice. all i can taste is processed flavours and way too much salt. the vegetables are DEAD. the fake chicken is nasty. its a slurry. just let the ingredients speak for themselves. sure, learn how to use spices and sauces, but also more importantly learn WHEN TO NOT USE spices and sauces.

the other thing I’ve been thinking about is that now i am large enough that its becoming a bit obvious. that gal is preggers. most people around me know, but whole hoards of people don’t know. my ASL classmates. all the parents who i see each day at the girls schools. In the spring, I will be going out without a giant winter coat and BAM there’s a belly alright. Its no secret anymore. Its weird and slightly uncomfortable that suddenly, my body shape will give away personal information about me. The first few days I will have lots of people getting excited and asking questions. “We never knew! You look so young!” Blah blah.

At home and around certain people I wear clothes that show my large round obvious belly. But I have noticed that around other people or in other situations, I pick a baggy sweater. Soon the baggy sweater won’t cut it anymore. The other week we went to Jim’s moms for dinner and I just didn’t feel like advertising this baby much so I grabbed a shapeless sweater, hoping that I wouldn’t have to have a conversation about ultrasounds or names or any of her friends pregnancies or if we are moving or buying a minivan or not. Still, at this point I can choose to reveal the pregnancy or not depending on how I feel.


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