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February 11, 2015

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there IS something wrong.

its the apathy. i can see it now. it starts off with stopping caring about keeping up on the laundry or the state of the kitchen or that the girls toys have been CARPETING their floor for a week, and that sounds okay, letting some of those things go sounds like a good thing. but i know this.

it extends into not caring if i eat a decent meal, not caring if all my kids do is watch tv and eat crackers all day, not caring that they are even there really. i spend a lot of time trying to get away from them, to get them to leave me alone. don’t care if i am mean to them when they ask for something for the 8293th time. don’t care that i didn’t feed the cats. can’t be bothered to make any extra efforts in my relationship. i get withdrawn. i just want the internet to entertain me while i eat chocolate all day and don’t give a shit beyond that.

i remember going on those drugs and right away it was a complete change. it was night and day.


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  1. inseolta Says:

    Apathy won’t win. You see it! Keep on going Kyla, you’re one of the wonderful souls in this world, and that will always matter.

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