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succesful morning! February 9, 2015

Filed under: Uncategorized — springtwist @ 12:32 pm

on the ‘taking care of myself front’ that is. the laundry still needs to be put away, for instance.

got cordelia to school, mailed the henna order to JAPAN of all places (the internet is amazing. people in japan can buy henna from me. totally strange) ate a decent breakfast (this important step doesn’t always happen) wasted a little bit of time on the internet, then watched a show while spinning for an hour, then after Jim left for teaching i made myself drag out the fiddle for half an hour. this is NOT an instrument that you can go long without practicing if you want to retain anything. except i always do. hopped on amazon and quickly ordered the shoulder rest that i need.

now i gotta get blaze. she had an awful night sleep so the rest of my day may be less fun.

worst post ever.


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