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12 weeks, from the inside January 8, 2015

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2015-01-08 15.49.26 2015-01-08 15.49.39


a photo of a photo of some sounds bouncing off solid objects. the one on the left you can see an umbilical cord and a tiny, almost ghostly placenta. the thick ring around the outside that looks like krill is inside a rubber doughnut is my uterus. apparently this is a wriggly one who wouldn’t hold still long enough for the machine to get a good picture.

whats different? erratic nausea. less cravings (as in, practically none yet) and less aversions. aversions have been different each pregnancy. this time; orange vegetables, cooked spinach, cooked carrots. raw carrots and spinach is fine.

my body wants: protein and milk and tons of water. if i don’t cram in enough fruit or veg in a day i feel sick.

krill is approx 3 inches long. if my uterus is tipped forward and i lay on my back and put gentle pressure on it with the palm of my hand i can feel krill shifting. my uterus isn’t always tipped forward. it’s not tipped forward regularly even when its not pregnant like most peoples are. and its not tipped forward when i wake up in the morning, i guess overnight it stands back up again like it wants to and then over the course of the day it leans back over my bladder again with gravity.


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