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i think today was a failure January 3, 2015

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got up in the morning, later than usual. we went to the market around 11. bought two flats of apples from milo for $30 (know thy farmer – it pays off big time when its time to make the years supply of applesauce on the cheap) and had bigger plans for the rest of the day. lots of things to do and some cleaning too, of course. every day is endless cleaning.

step one was get to the kids shoe store and get the girls new ballet slippers. they are BOTH going to meghans highland classes starting tomorrow and C doesn’t fit her shoes anymore. well the store doesn’t have much in the way of dance stuff since its kinda off-season right now. no shoes. i checked two other stores quickly. no shoes. girls were disappointed.

got home, unpacked groceries, washed two loads of laundry, got headache, made some super quick lunch (and overestimated my ability to tolerate blue cheese with hypersensitive pregnancy tastebuds) girls watched an obnoxious amount of TV. jim drilled holes in the wall to string up the internet cord, but its only half-done right now. he had to leave by 2 to get to a tutoring job.

Jim left. he called me 10 minutes later saying he crashed. he tried to brake for a yellow light but may as not bothered. the weather here today is bad. he skidded slowly through the intersection, slid up on the sidewalk and hit a bike rack. sooo thats the end of our day. i was supposed to go to mississauga to meet a pregnant mama. cancelled that. even if he hadnt crashed into a bike rack i wouldnt have wanted to drive today. its 5 now and he’s JUST gotten a tow truck to take the car to a body shop. no idea yet what the extent of the damage is, or if we will be able to make it to my brothers birthday lunch tomorrow. mentioned this to my mom and was harassed by her via text message for a long time. not that shes intentionally harassing me. jut that a huge long unending string of text messages are fucking intolerable.

girls had a bath. i wasted my life watching TV and not doing anything. told coco off for being an ass. jim dropped off the car seats at home on the way to body shop. he will be gone for hours yet.considered doing – what else? oh, some cleaning! EVERY DAY THE FUCKING CLEANING. its literally the same thing every. single. day. clean the whole goddamn kitchen. get all the junk off the table that accumulated there over the past 20 hours. pick up every single toy we own and put it away. sweep. laundry. dishes. i could actually spend 2-3 hours EACH DAY doing everything and i would just have to do it all again the next day.

thought about making cinnamon rolls but couldn’t face the idea of CLEANING UP AFTER THEM. it will kill me.


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