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Protected: December 15, 2014

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December 11, 2014

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I’m so tired these days. With no focus but lots of self-shaming because I just can’t get enough done in a day to be happy. Yesterday I had an accidental nap. I was supposed to be watching/entertaining the girls so jim could do his marking. Didn’t happen. Luckily the marking still did.

My mom called me this morning because I had told her how rough its been with blaze recently and I cried on the phone to her for a bit.

9 weeks, my belly is just starting to pop the smallest bit. Its really only noticeable to me. Krill is about the size of a grape and still deep in my pelvis. My jeans are a bit too tight. I am getting random pinchy shooting pains in my cervix. Never had those before this early, must be what happens with an already experienced cervix that’s a bit more stretched to start with.

Barb dropped by to hang out with the girls yesterday and asked if we had an ultrasound yet or if the baby had a name. Why hurry this baby along? Want to sign it up for college too? Just let it be grape-sized and deep inside me for a bit first.


December 8, 2014

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Been busy today, feels good.

Got girls to school. I took coco jim took blaze. Watched a show while I folded all the laundry, put on more laundry to wash. Wrote a First birthday card for one of my clients babies from last year and mailed it on the way to teaching. Today is the last week of the video game program. Jim thought I was picking up blaze and realized too late that I was in fact working (dude, its the same EVERY MONDAY) so he was late to pick her up. In the parking lot Randall pointed out my tire was “a bit flat there.” Which is a nice way to say “very flat”. Dropped in to a gas station and pumped it up.

Dropped off DVDs at library and went in quickly to pick some new books. I adore the library. The idea that I could read whatever I wanted any time at all, that anything I want to access is right there is a great privilege. I can pick up books on ANYTHING that takes my fancy that day. I took out a midwifery textbook and a pile of books on spinning.

Drove quickly to grocery store, got that rosemary Christmas tree, Jim’s seasonal absolute favorite icecream , bread and dates that were on sale. Came home and jim left for work. Put on more laundry.

Somebody dropped by to pick something up, made lunch for me and blaze, dealt with some emails and scheduled a meeting with a new client who is 15 and due in march. (Yikes. This looks like a complicated mess of a case. Girl seems to have dropped out of school and mom isn’t all that involved) scheduled a photoshoot that the girls are modeling in for a photographer friend of a friend. Scheduled my postpartum hours with baby Ethan for Wednesday.

Picked up cCordelia from school. Got the girls settled with a snack and a show. Now I’m starting to feel sick (thanks ,little krill) and went to bed with a book to have a break. Tynan supposed to be calling soon to do a mock interview to practice for her first solo client meeting tomorrow.