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recooperate December 26, 2014

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i keep forgetting that i am actually sick right now – some long-lived mild cold, but it still has an impact on me. left my aunts place last night after 11 with a headache that said “go home. go to bed. its over.” girls were wild and going strong until that point.

now the post-Christmas tetris – how to fit all our new stuff into our small apartment. its going to be a slow day, and probably one where i don’t get dressed. first step is to clean the whole fucking apartment (again? how can that be?) and make room for the stuff thats in the trunk of the car right now that needs to come up.

but i am tired and worn out. need some quiet space in a hole somewhere where i don’t need to look at my kitchen. or wipe anyones bums.

instead of too many presents at Christmas, i wish we all just gave each other freezer lasagnas instead.


One Response to “recooperate”

  1. inseolta Says:

    Same, wish it was about togetherness and meals during the holidays instead of this pressure involved gift giving. Sometimes gifts can be wonderfully thoughtful, but being apart most of the year can be a strange revealing process of how growing apart my family is with the natural way of time and adulthood in separate countries. I felt overwhelmed for my sister, who also has a little baby girl due this February, being given too many toys for her two children. It’s when a loving spirit of abundance can override and defeat the purpose.
    Hope you got some good quiet space.

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