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December 21, 2014

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Had a slow morning. Jim took girls out early afternoon to get my brothers gifts and then went to bulk barn to get piles of chocolates. We then stuffed 4 quart jars with mixed nuts, caramels, chocolates, etc in pretty layers. With a couple ribbons they will make great small gifts – two for my dad, one for Deanne and one for jenn and graham. Might make one for Jane and Dave too.

Dropped in at Jane’s place next door, invited them to come over tomorrow and toss their kids in with ours for pizza and a Christmas movie. Tidied up the kitchen, put away the girls new toys and then finished that pirate ship for Rory. Turned out very well even if I don’t care for it very much. I wrapped the girls presents and made a snack for myself. So not a whole lot of stuff, but enough that I am more or less content with that. Starting to shut down for the evening right now.


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