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headache December 18, 2014

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i am driven by food, like a Labrador puppy. i MUST eat every three hours or so. that new jar of pickles isn’t going to make it another week. this baby wants salt. popcorn, pickles, chips, fries. i still very much hate orange vegetables. I believe carrots has joined that list as well. and i will develop an unshakeable, unfixable headache if i don’t keep myself basically drowning in water at all times. you have no idea how much water. today, apparently, i did not keep up on my water. not sure what baby krill is doing with all that water. mixing it with all the salt it keeps asking for i guess.

took coco to school, mucked around at home for a bit, then the three of us not in kindergaten went to Ikea. dropped in at BRCD on the way, filled out the forms for our next level of ASL class. skipped through ikeas sections we didnt need, got some christmas shopping done. thats my mom, barb and kristy finished. a little bit left for my dad, jims dad, bob, and something for deanne and rory. got christmas lights for the window and some wire baskets for the girls closet. Since we used the self check out, i believe we accidentally stole the Christmas lights. i think they got missed in the self-scanning, where both me and Jim were trying to scan things together while not re-scanning what the other one already scanned. not that i care at all. checked out the bunk bed options. when baby krill gets here it’ll be in bed with us for a few months so the girls don’t need to move to a bunk bed yet, but we are scoping them out. Spent a long time with blaze patting all the beautiful cowskin rugs.

got home, started on the picture my brother wants me to make for him. he asked for “something cool like a tiger/shark/pirate ship.” i looked for black and white photos of old pirate ships because I sure as hell arent taking on a fully-fledged painting right now. pencil drawing only. it’s going to pull double-duty – Jim’s going to use it in his game as well.  the image is not inspiring and i don’t give a shit about a pirate ship, i just hope that its ‘cool’ enough. worked on that for about an hour then gave up due to headache and the fact that I’m getting tired now. winding down for the evening starts at about 3pm.

we have had a friend spider in the window next to the computer for months. he’s reasonable big for a house spider, and quite pretty. dark brown with golden yellow spots and banding on his legs. i watched it catch a fruit fly once. last night Twig jumped up and knocked it down and tried to eat it. jim saved friend spider but his web was destroyed. friend spider went into hiding for the rest of the day, but overnight built a new web, connecting the top of the computer screen to the stack of paper that we rifle through multiple times a day. bad choice, friend spider. i dislodged that web as well, hoping he would find a better place. right now he’s knitting something together directly in front of the computer screen. he’s zip lining straight down as i type this. thats not much better, or safer. I may move him back to his window and hope he stays put. and that no cat tries to eat him again.

Jim is roasting a small-ish chicken from the Mennonites with some potatoes (NOT squash, which is what he originally wanted to do. fuck squash.) with rice and some complicated sauce thing thats he’s excited about. it’s going to be great. my plan for the evening is to sit around and watch tv shows with the girls and nurse my headache and wait for my delicious dinner to show up.

UPDATE: chased out the headache by drinking enough water to fill the fish tank. Had issues with Cordelia over her eating her dinner. Many tears and much snot was involved. She rejected all of it and settled for a banana instead. Blaze meanwhile ploughed through a full plate. Jim settled in to get some work done, I got the girls to help me pull some coats/bags of clothes/boxes of yarn out of their closet, assemble the new shelving rack of baskets for toys and tuck it in the new closet space. Then me and girls wrapped presents for almost an hour. It was slow. Cordelia wrote all the name tags which is super cute.


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