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December 11, 2014

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I’m so tired these days. With no focus but lots of self-shaming because I just can’t get enough done in a day to be happy. Yesterday I had an accidental nap. I was supposed to be watching/entertaining the girls so jim could do his marking. Didn’t happen. Luckily the marking still did.

My mom called me this morning because I had told her how rough its been with blaze recently and I cried on the phone to her for a bit.

9 weeks, my belly is just starting to pop the smallest bit. Its really only noticeable to me. Krill is about the size of a grape and still deep in my pelvis. My jeans are a bit too tight. I am getting random pinchy shooting pains in my cervix. Never had those before this early, must be what happens with an already experienced cervix that’s a bit more stretched to start with.

Barb dropped by to hang out with the girls yesterday and asked if we had an ultrasound yet or if the baby had a name. Why hurry this baby along? Want to sign it up for college too? Just let it be grape-sized and deep inside me for a bit first.


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