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the placenta musta kicked in November 23, 2014

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around six weeks things start pulling together. That squishy thing gets a functioning heartbeat and is now lentil-sized with a central nervous system. Its no more alive than an oyster is at this point, but its fast-track from from here once that ball starts rolling. Following the trend of naming our babies tiny ugly water-dwelling things, this one is the krill.

Also the yolk sac is gone. Absorbed into the lentil-sized body. Now, a lentil-sized placenta starts up. (Yes, placentas approx mirror their babies in size. Small babies have smallish placentas). Which means that now I am feeding it through a tube.

And it wants to EAT.

I had two dinners last night within an hour of each other. I had a really fulfilling lunch today and I was happily and comfortably full. Two hours later I needed to eat again. I have figured out, pretty quickly, that I need to eat something directly before I go to bed or else I wake up feeling sick in the morning. The other night I ate a banana and drank a large glass of milk. I was awake at 5 totally starving. Really, little krill? You ate THE WHOLE BANANA? You are 1cm long! How the hell did you eat the entire banana?!


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