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November 11, 2014

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My yarn worked. Better than I expected, almost exactly like I wanted.

I went the whole day without feeling ill but its settling in now. I don’t mind. Its so mild, its annoying, sometimes it takes me off my feet, but its also very comforting. Sickness is a reaction to the hormones raising – it means the little squish is firmly burrowed in and starting to grow. When I DONT feel it I consider getting very slightly anxious. Only consider it.

You know who else felt sick today? Cordelia. She told me in the car she didn’t feel well. We were on the way to the Italian bakery near my moms place, and when we got there the girls picked their treats. Then coco threw up all over herself, the chair, table and floor. For the most part she is entirely independent and doesn’t need me that much in her world, but when she’s sick she really, really needs me. I got a lot of (damp, smelly) hugs and gave out copious amounts of reassurance. Sometimes she is still such a small girl.

We are going to the royal fair on sat then over to my moms place. Rory is home this week so I think we will put them all in one room and get them to play 20 questions. Since this is how we announced the last two pregnancies, I don’t think it will take the whole lot of 20 to get there.

There’s a few people I am absolutely not excited to tell. Guess. I predict a little bit of shit to unfold and I want to put that off until I feel ready to face it with all my walls up first.


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