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yarn November 10, 2014

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I have been thinking of making a circle shawl for a while, they are tricky and i haven’t tried one yet. this one, however. made me fall over.

thats all the star constellations of the northern hemisphere. holy crap.

i have some grey-blue-gold-white-turquoise yarn that would be good except that i truly hate the colours once they knit up. the colours by themselves are beautiful, but every single time i try to knitĀ  this yarn, i hate it. I have tried like 8 times.

so today I’m dying it with food colouring. i am aiming for a dusky, dark purple, but you never know whats going to come out of the pot. then i going to make my own map or the northern skies. the center of the shawl is the north star. each star is marked with a small hole and also a white glass bead.

there is a tiny, squishy blobby thing in my body thats going to grow into a human being. multiple times a day i remember this and it makes me catch my breath. i told blaze this afternoon and she was unmoved. she requested that i grow two babies, and then asked if wanted to her her new song.

i called my midwives and their automated recording told me to fill out a form online. i filled out the form and the automated message that comes up on the screen told me that somebody would be in touch with me in about a week if they had a space for me. then they emailed me about 4 minutes later. i called them, they got me a spot. i get to work with Safire again, the midwife who caught Cordelia and encouraged me to become a doula. how perfect is that? i am thanking whatever forces in the universe lined that one up for me.


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