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i forogt this part November 9, 2014

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had a productive morning. first of all, had a SLEEP IN. 8:20. then made pancakes, tidied up the kitchen a bit, and then after breakfast got out the sewing machine and fixed the jean quilt that was started to fray in a few places. finished the edging. Jim and i sat down and had a corporate meeting about our schedules for the day (seriously, this is what it feels like) and decided when we could both get the stuff done we needed to. i set up a time to see tynan this evening, wrote off a fiddle lesson, and jim blocked in some time to see his dad.

he took the girls to the park. i made a list of everything i needed to get done today, sat down and started plugging away at it. girls came home and Jim put them in the bath because coco dumped a scoop of sand into blazes hair at the park. the girls will play in the bath for a long time, so i finished up a couple more things on my list. jim pulled half a quiche out hte freezer and we shared it. jim went to see his dad. i got the girls hair washed (generally this is an ordeal) out the bath, made them lunch. made me lunch.


i am wiped out by a gentle, but thorough and silent wave of nausea. now my day is going to be about sitting on my ass and trying not to move very much. i will not be eating my lunch.

the end. the day is over.


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