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necklace November 8, 2014

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Sondra is a believer in rocks and gems having special qualities and energies. She takes great comfort in this idea.

Now I don’t buy the idea that rocks actually possess special unique healing energies, but I DO understand how regular or mundane things can become important tools for people. And that you can have a particular thing that is meaningful and works to remind you of something, keep you on track, focus on something that you want to work on, improve, try better at. Like my string of jasper beads that were the right tool to get me through some nasty shit.

Today was the henna workshop, and while Sondra and I were moving around and through the kitchen setting things up she passed me a small wrapped bundle. “Your birthday present”. I got a carved wooden fertility goddess (you know the one who has her hands above her head like a circle) and a pyrite necklace. Its a little chunk of pyrite trapped in a spiraled wire globe. Sondra looked over at me and quickly said ” pyrite. Protection. To help you with those difficult births, make a shield”. Then she went to put down some tablecloths. She got this for me because the second-last birth I did two months ago wiped me out. Totally fucking wiped me out. It was a great birth, one of the best I’ve seen, with a powerful, kinda feral uninhibited laboring mama, but I got too wrapped up in it. I took too much of it on as my own and spent the next 24 hours feeling like I was carrying around this giant messed up ball of someone else’s energy. Sondra came over and we talked and I ugly cried and I got rid of that mass of someone else’s stuff. And I went back to normal after that emotional “let down” (as in, the same as a milk let down).

So, she bought me pyrite.

So I put it on and wore it all day. I am totally charmed by this little thing. I don’t believe it the same way she does, but the intention behind her gift is beautiful. Which is what makes it special and meaningful to me.


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