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i knitted a thing October 31, 2014

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I bought the yarn in Vancouver and i bought four skeins of it. i thought four would be enough. it wasn’t. unfortunately, the brand I bought happen to be a really small family business that a husband-wife team in Quebec run out of two rooms in their house. i was pleased to learn that it was a Canadian and family-run enterprise that i had supported. BUT. it means that its really hard to find. theres only one store in Toronto that carries it. The family had a baby within the last few years and down-sized their company (cutting out a lot of distribution to various stores) to keep it more manageable. good for them. tricky for me.


the buttons i bought in Halifax. they are made locally in NS by one guy. these ones happen to be maple. they are not perfectly round and they are a little bit rustic and the wood has been left polished but unfinished. and i find them absolutely charming. next time i am in Halifax I’m going to buy a bunch more.


I got Jim to take this totally awkward photo of me that I had to crop down to exclude my totally awkward expression and totally awkward hair. the wrap itself is only a little awkward. i think i will like it in time, but the asymmetry? not sure if its working for me or not. not sure if it looks okay or if i just look – totally awkward.


2 Responses to “i knitted a thing”

  1. You knitted a thing! I love the detailed pattern (cording? what’s the word for it?) and the buttons are lovely. You can definitely pull it off.

  2. springtwist Says:

    I like it alright now. Its super warm. In the morning when the apartment is chilly and STILL DARK because the children get up that early, i toss it on and it is like having my own personal blanket.

    Rhea likes it and my mom liked it so that’s a good start.

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