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crazy September 11, 2014

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yesterday i dont think I sat down until it was 11pm and then i was sitting down because I was rolling and filling henna cones. bed after 12. woman came to pick up henna with her trio of children this morning.

made three giant pots of tomato sauce.
canned them all. this was an ongoing project throughout the day.
made a batch of henna
put away the little bit of laundry that was left and put on another load to wash
caught up on some loose ends – henna heals work
dealt with a grumpy Blaze all afternoon. many meltdowns.
cleaned the kitchen.
had bad cramps and pains all day. apparently i am having a period all at once. instead of spacing itself out of four days, its decided to just dump out everything in one go.
had my own meltdown.
emptied the dishwasher, stacked it again. ran it. emptied it, stacked it again.
made 468367 snacks. cleaned up after all of them.
picked up cordelia from school, made her lunch, dealt with her meltdowns too.
carved out a bit of time to talk to Randall about if I can teach or not this year.
talked to Sondra about henna workshop and running a comfort measures workshop.
largely made dinner and cleaned up after it. cleaned the kitchen again while the girls were going to bed.
had another of my own meltdowns.
finished the henna at 11. rolling and coning up henna takes an hour. realized the consistency wasn’t right. i will have to re-do it another time.
went to bed fucking exhausted, sometime a little bit after midnight. did not sleep well.

got up at 6 with Blaze. still exhausted.
got coco to school. dealt with the regular morning meltdowns.
stuck Blaze on the couch in front of the TV with a bottle of milk so she can leave me alone so i can clean the kitchen. stacked and ran the dishwasher. did the rest of the dishes by hand. cleaned the counters.
picked up all the laundry of the floor.

it is 10:30. theres lotso f time for more chores.


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