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not much going on. September 9, 2014

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I am here for lack of much else to do. Spent the morning cleaning the kitchen. Making banana pancakes for a snack for the girls when coco comes home from kinder. Blaze is a bit lonely these days without her constant playmate.

In the fridge I found a lump of pie crust dough leftover from the pies I made for blazes birthday picnic. And that basket of concord grapes. These grapes are too intense to eat straight up. So my brilliant plan is to make little tarts. Take something too intense to eat as is, and condense it. Sounds like nothing could go wrong. Immediately after I picked through all the grapes and dropped them in a pot, I turned around and stuck my hands in my new sourdough starter. Have some grape yeasts.

New schedule rolling out. Jim leaves before its properly light out to teach his morning classes twice a week. He leaves when its reasonably light out on some of the other days. Today he came home, was home for 54 seconds then oh shit! Suddenly remembered that THIS WEEK, unlike last week or maybe even next week, he is supposed to be tutoring at ryerson. So he grabs his bike and goes again. Otherwise known as, we have no schedule. I am really enjoying these early mornings. Jim is not.

I’m going to talk to jim about planning a time for me to draw something. I’m thinking a black and white pencil drawing of an elephant. I want something Large that offers a bit of a challenge – all those wrinkles should do it.

I think that I won’t be working this school year. I went into sept with the intention of teaching those lunchtime and after school programs, but the thing is, once Jim’s classes are blocked in most of those lunchtime/after school time slots have disappeared. He is also doing a lot of private tutoring this term with high school students from private schools, you know what the parents of private school students have? A heck of a lot of money. He is getting $50 – $70 an hour tutoring rich kids. I got $25 an hour to teach classes. Guess who is going to be teaching this year? and i’m  quite happy with it. i thought that i would want to go back to that teaching, because it was easy and i enjoyed the people that i worked with and they were so flexible with me in regards to ‘i cannot make it to teach tomorrow, i am going to a hospital to help a mom have a baby’ so i wanted to keep ahold of that job.

but now i dont really want ot go back to teach. i feel like theres enough going on at home that adding enough classes to my week to make it worth my time would drain me pretty quickly. we are swerving more towards domestic gender roles – im home with blaze, cleaning, cooking, laundry, making lunches, etc.

and its more or less great. i can noodle around at home and clean when i want to. make food when i want to. hang out with my kid. knit, nap, play music all the time, walk to the post office, theres no hurry for anything. basically, just be a human being.


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