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reason for leave August 27, 2014

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Reason for leave

I have two daughters, age 3 and 4. I did not take a parental leave when either was born. After my first daughter was born, my work did not suffer. After the second, it did. I should have taken parental leave then. My work has continued to suffer and my advisor suggested I take a personal leave a year ago. I did not, but I should have. My advisor and I both agree that this leave is the right choice. As much as I try to find time for teaching and research and family obligations, something always seems to come up.

On top of that, my wife suffered greatly from post-partum depression and has ongoing mental health issues. She is receiving treatment and is doing much better now, so things are looking hopeful on that front. But having me home more to help is a big part of why she is doing better and I would hate to see her relapse.

For these reasons, I have not and am not able to find time to do my research on top of the work I must do to pay for my family. I am taking a leave to focus on my family and make some money, and I hope to return when the situation stabilizes.


Jim McGarva

Aug 2014


he left this open on a word doc. going to send it to the school with some paperwork. checking out – getting a real job now. he is relieved to be sending this in.

i cried when i got the middle paragraph about me. then i texted my psychiatrist and told her – thank you, thank you, thank you. i am okay today. its been a long time without an issue and i’m starting to see it clearly and be proud of myself. i am relieved also.


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