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the girls summer list June 29, 2014

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sat down with the girls and they made a plan for their summer and i rote down their ideas.  its gonna look like this:

go to a farm
ride a horse
eat ice cream
pick berries
swim in nanas pool
eat sushi
eat noodles (meaning raman)
go to the beach
make cheesy bread
go to the zoo (and see orangs!)
go to the science centre


so we went to a farm and we picked strawberries. and now I have about 10 pints of jams and pie fillings. we don’t actually eat jam that fast, but these jams are delicious – strawberry lemon and strawberry balsamic. im thinknig 10 pints will last a long time. we are still eating the pickles from last summer.

jim took them to the zoo the other day so thats knocked off their list too. and we swim at nanas all the time. eat ice cream actually means “go out for ice cream”.

of course the day that we decided to make jam was the day of a fricken heatwave. turned the AC on today until the storm rolled in now its cool again and I can open the windows. took the girls to the park in the late morning and it was too hot already. when the storm came in, it was loud and thick and heavy and poor Bindi came FLYING up the back steps, yelling about needing to come in RIGHT NOW. she just made it inside before the fattest raindrops ever came down. I understand her urgency – shes so tiny she could just wash away in not much water at all. you’ll all be glad to know that she has recovered from her dramatic near-water experience.

the shy is bright neon pink, orange, and lavender. I should make a soap in those colours for august. what does a sunset smell like?

my dreads are getting musty again. I’m trying baking soda, vinegar, even very gently chlorinated pool water to bleach it out, and tea tree oil, but the old dog smell is firmly sticking in about three of them. i did have one before that definitely had mildew so it cut it off. may have to loose these ones too. i’m not done with my dreads yet and i don’t want to cut them off, but i also can’t carry around a head full of fungus either. if they dont loose their weird smell and i have to keep trying to kill it off, they’ll become more work than i wanted. i think the shampoo i switched to is making the problem worse, even though it was a shampoo that is recommended for dreads. they all smell perfectly clean right now – except those three in a cluster on the side. damn.





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