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best cat ever May 11, 2014

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the Elsa dress. i spent most of the afternoon with my sewing machine.


okay so it doesn’t actually LOOK like Elsas’ dress, but I short-cut it by buying a dress from value village and then Frankensteining it. spell check tells me that’s not a real word. it so is. I don’t actually care if its not exactly right, Princess Coco loves it and wore it the rest of the afternoon. it definitely looks handmade. I need to clean it up a bit and shape it to her body more and add the sparkly cape.  right now it sticks out in weird places, on account of a couple of my short cuts. I need to have short cuts becasue I need to do the Anna dress next.



“look mama, I’m doing Elsas’ ‘let it go’ dance”


further proof this cat was a Labrador in her past life. Here’s Blaze doing weird shit to Twigs face. Finger in the eye, try to pull out whiskers, trying to stick her whiskers in her ear, trying to hold mouth and eyes shut, and try to put fingers up her nose, which turned into just covering her nose completely. trying to lift her lips up to see her teeth. Twiggy just took it all.





how else do i know shes a reincarnated Labrador? she plays fetch with herself. she throws her toys down the front stairs and then runs to get them.


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