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vegetarian May 10, 2014

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Cordelia hasn’t eaten meat (knowingly, as in, we’ve been able to get her to eat a homemade chicken finger if we don’t tell her its chicken) for something clsoe to two years. she used ot eat a lot of it as a baby and the ngradually get picky, and meat was one thing that disappeared.

coming back from the market today a conversation in the car started about which animals we eat. coco told us “yeah! theres fish that swim in the water, then theres fish that we eat!” so we jumped on that pretty quick. actually, sweetie, they are the same fish. the pigs we saw at Riverdale farm are borrowed from another farm, and each fall they go back to be slaughtered so people can eat them. when it was in the context of the pigs that we saw on Thursday morning, coco got uncomfortable. (blaze didn’t care. she thinks pig is delicious, and she proudly stated “and i like to try everything! i love meat!”)

so we explained it as clear as possible. when farmers raise an animal, like a pig, or a chicken, or whatever, its because the animal will die so that we can eat it. we told her about the farmers, Wendy and Damian, who grow the animals that we eat. she understood. and she didn’t like it.

yesterday Jim taught coco the word ‘vegetarian’, and today we brought that word back into the conversation. we said that coco already didn’t eat meat, and if she didn’t want to eat meat, then she never needed to eat meat again in her whole life. that word was ‘vegetarian.’ she kinda likes the sound of that.

its strange to have a child who is stepping away from me. she is very quickly speeding down that track of becoming her own person. as her own person, she is deciding that eating animals  isn’t fair and it makes her sad, so shes chosen to be vegetarian, at least for now. shes been veg for two years, but i think it was today that she really understood what meat IS and where it comes from. so we will no longer be tricking her into eating chicken fingers, and now that shes made a conscious choice, we will honour that.

now i just need to arm her against my dad, who is of course going to be rude and condescending to her when he heres of this decision.

shes four in two weeks. holy crap.


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