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it stopped raining! May 1, 2014

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im thinking my soap is going to have to stat its own facebook page, its starting to get a lot of attention. i made a batch recently and put up a photo, and it was sold out in 16 hours. too bad all those people need to wait for it to cure for a few weeks first.

this is strange – people want to buy things from me?

its weird to me that people just don’t do it themselves. i understand people are scared off by working with lye and 220 degree caustic soap batter, but they are buying laundry detergent from me. seriously people? just go on the internet for 38 seconds. but no, they’d rather pay me to do it. i feel dishonest charging them for it. i have taught a few henna workshops to people, and i swear everything i have taught them they could learn watching youtube videos. but yet they want to travel from BARRIE to pay me to show them. people are ridiculous. whats even sillier is selling henna kits. a little bit of henna, and some supplies that amount to about $5 in material costs. and somebody just bought one the other day for $30, and this weekend a whole bunch of people are buying them from me.

i would much rather learn a new skill and learn to do something myself. one of my friends calls me her “friend who does everything” and i am starting to realize that most people aren’t like that. people would actually prefer to pay me to teach them what they could learn for free on youtube, or with just a little bit of googling in the right place. are people lazy? do they all suffer from a case of learned helplessness? are they afraid of hard work? (as if pickling was hard work….) everything you ever wanted to know about somethings is available to you now. just learn how to do it.

i think i found myself a summer job. its painting my sister-in-laws new house, because she doesn’t want to, a) learn how to do it herself, or b) pay some painting company $5,500 to do it for her. but she’ll pay me to do it because i wont charge her even half as much. she could save everything if she just learned to do it herself. painting is not hard, its just mind-numbingly dull. shes talking about the ridiculous price that was quoted to her for re-tiling the bathroom. in the back of my head, im thinking, ‘that cant be hard either….’

how is it possible that so many people have zero real life skills? when the zombie apocalypse comes, you’re gonna need to know how to do your own canning and knitting and sewing and cooking and butchering. when the zombies come, and you all want soap and pickled beets, you’re gonna be shit out of luck if the zombies get me first.



there is screaming. time to go corral the hooligans and stop them from trying to creatively kill each other.



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