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March 21, 2014

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is it just the truth of the universe that i need to spend an hour to clean my kitchen every day just to keep on top of the chaos? i’m really hoping that this isn’t true. but all evidence points towards – yes, it is true. either that or we all stop eating there.




eating bananas for breakfast in the big bed. this is how things like banana peels and crumbs and damp spots and stuffed dogs get into my bed.



twiggy purrs long and low. shes the first cat we’ve had who has taken to sleeping on the radiators. when mats comes inside, he likes to sit right up against the radiator and lick all the snow and damp of of his coat. he will sit on the radiator in the bedroom with the cover on it. and bindi is unsure of her footing and doesn’t like the gaps between the pipes, even if theres a blanket over them. little twig has claimed all uncovered radiator tops as her own. her nose and her white whiskers kills me every time. shes so fashionable, she even has her ‘ring finger’ a different colour than the rest of her toes. that’s a thing, you know, in the nail polish world right now. i wish i could see a pic of her parents and her siblings to see how she got these weird markings.

soap is my thing right now. with a couple people actually buying into this soap CSS thing, i feel i have permission to make way too much soap, every day. i am not concered with it making me profits really, i just want to be able to make it. i want to experiment and learn and try all sorts of recipes and techniques. to do that you have to do it over and over. where does all that soap go? hopefully to bathrooms and kitchens all over the place, i don’t have the space to keep it all. so some family members have bought into the soap CSS in order to humour me i suppose. whatever – floodgates are open. I’m thinknig now of a birthday cake themed soap for the CSS people for Cordelia’s birthday in may. vanilla, vanilla, vanilla. rainbow sprinkles. my confident, super fussy, tall and lean vanilla girl.

im not going back to the market this year. i thought i was, but then as time went on and i looked at the application sitting in my inbox, i wanted to go less and less. its so much work, and i paid the market more money than i actually made back in profits. on average i made $22 for about 5-6 hours of work. it was fun but exhausting, and by the end of the season, the only thing that came out of it was one birthday party. that’s not enough. I’ll have to find some other way to promote henna. however i jsut bought 40 bags of henna for the season, so i’m going to have to find a way to work through it all.

but what we NEED to be focusing on right now is doula clients. i have nobody lined up after this momma, and im tired of taking births for 4220. that’s an insultingly low price. i feel like I’d rather do it for free than $220.  at least this momma, who genuinely can’t pay me, is trying to pay me back somehow. shes offered to talk to her midwives about taking my cards, and she collaborated with her buddy a photographer to get me a movie of me doing her henna belly and shes going to get me some professional photos we can use for advertising as well. barter system is fine, I’m happy with that.

coco is in school in the fall. blaze is in school the next fall. if i can’t be making this doula thing work by then, i’m going to have to invest in something else, like a real job. i don’t want to do that, but theres going to be no reason for me to be home anymore. as Jim points out, im tired of cleaning and laundry and sticky floors. its time for something else.

my dream of cobbling together a whole bunch of small, different things is working out well. teaching lunchtime and after school programs with a group of great people, and now my brand new thing is that i will be teaching baby sign classes. i think green acres (lunchtime and after school program people) is considering offering me a job teaching there in the summer, running ASL classes for the campers. I will likely be making and running a ASL program in the fall as well.  toss in a doula client every month and mix some henna and some soap in. sell some knitted boobs once in a while. i’d be happy with that.

time to go. i have been called to tie up some pesky ponytails.


March 7, 2014

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i need this space less and less. hooray, citalopram.

it took about 20 minutes after i posted that picture of new cat before Kristy called me to ‘catch up’. which is cover for ‘tell me about the cat’. barb replied with “I bet mats is thinking who are these crazy people who keep bringing in more and more cats?’ or maybe I’m just projecting.”

okay, i hear ya. impulse-adopting a cat is looked down on. you all think im crazy. (or two of you do anyway) i did notice that it was cheaper to adopt a cat than it was to buy a parrot. and its almost as cheap as buying a skinny pig ($84 for a skinny. $100 for the cat. $590 for the parrot, and he’s on sale) i know that prices are sometimes used to make people consider their animal fully. a hamster at $14 is an easy impulse and they are small and nobody really gives a shit about who buys them. a budgie is about $25, same deal. easy to breed, easy to replace, the store is chock full of them. those are impulse buys. and in the case of cats, they keep the price low so that they are accessible to people – they want to cats to be adopted for a different reason that sheer profit. you need to pay them in cash and you fill out forms from the agency, so i have a feeling that profit doesn’t really come into it. and THANK GOD they don’t deal with puppy and kitten mills.

i don’t have to justify why i got this cat, but I’m going to share it with you anyway. we had three, we lost one, he’s not coming back, we had a space. I feel like as a human, you have a responsibility to take in at least one animal at some point in your life, since its a human-caused overpopulation issue anyway. and to take the stress off of those shelters and rescues. there are so many adoptable animals out there, and so many unadoptable animals as well. adoptable ones need to be adopted so theres room for the unadopatable. Craigslist is full of cats and dogs who people got bored with, or couldn’t bother to put the effort in. this cat was surrendered by her family, and shes only a year old. she wasn’t fixed when she came in.  shes got long legs and shes got some filling out to do, shes not even done growing. but somebody changed their mind about her and decided they were done with her.

we have lost two cats now to the outside world. probably both to cars. its making me re-think letting them out. but at the same time, they are just cats. we have them in our homes in a sort of contract – what i get out of the relationship is a bond with an animal, companionship, entertainment, and what they get out of it is regular food, a secure home, a safe place to live with people who dont mistreat them (with the occasional assault by a baby) and also some companionship. i enjoy having cats around, i am glad that we can offer three of them a safe home and regular food and a good place to live, but I’m not so attached to them that i need to mourn for three years every time we loose one.

they gave me a ‘congratulations on your adoption, thanks for saving a life package’ i didn’t ‘save a life’.  the next person who walked in there would have taken her. its not like she was on death row. shes a perfect companion, she would have gone to a different home had we not picked her up yesterday afternoon. I asked the woman who runs the clinic and she says that the average turnover time is about 2-5 days for the cats. kittens go like hotcakes, older cats take longer, but nobody is ever there for longer than a week, ever. usually they aren’t there for longer than 48 hours. she says that they have adoption days for dogs, and they bring in a truckload of dogs for an afternoon and they are all gone within hours. amazing. it has really made an impact to have shelters come into pet stores. the sort of people who have pets or want pets go to the pet store, not downtown to the shelter. bring the animals to the lazy humans, and the animals will find homes. its a good system. they even come pre-spayed or neutered so that you can’t continue the cycle.

i dont know, I’m not sure exactly what my point is, or maybe I dont have one. Just that its okay to have three cats and you’re not crazy. and its okay to adopt one on the fly if you are a responsible person who knows how to own cats. and that its a social responsibility to take in an animal if you have the space and can share your home with one. treat them well, be nice, take good care of them, and for gods sake spay and neuter.

some names that the girls have suggested:
pussy cat
cute kitty
kitty cute
new cat
new cute kitty cat
and, weirdly, “people are food”. thank coco for that one.