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wood nymph January 29, 2014

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i smell like damp hay.

took two hours to put it all in, coating each dread individually and wrapping or braiding them up in small groups to cover my head in 8 little buns. coco came to watch me for a while, and had a million questions. then she asked if i could make her hair red. i had an internal debate about what is a good age to henna a kids hair vrs wanting to teach her that its her body she can do with it what she wants vrs at three years old can she understand the full extend of the consequences of henna¬† vrs can she sit still that long. I decided that she’d need to be in the double digits at least before I’d do her hair.

wrapped it up in saran wrap and a towel and wore it for six hours. henna is an all-day thing. the towel will never look the same again.

i know from past experiences that henna is fucking messy. i had to clean my bathroom afterwards – the floors, walls, sink, toilet. so this time i henna’d naked, so that there was no laundry to do i just had to wipe myself down. so now there are weird orange blotches all over my body. if i was a Moroccan woman in the bronze age, I would have henna’d my nipples and vulva as well. as if i need any help to be fertile.

it’ll darken a little bit in the next week and loose those super bright tones, just like how on your skin henna goes from neon orange to coppery-brown.

and yes, it does make you pee olive green. however this depends on what else you have eaten. you wont pee olive green every time, but having that much henna on your scalp for so long – 1% of the henna dye molecule, lawsone, does get absorbed through and under the skin, and that works out to be a lot of dye when you use this much henna. and if you eat something that day that reacts…. somehow… then it’ll show up in your pee. or else it wont? that part is a bit hazy for me. anyway it doesn’t effect your body in any way, you just metabolize it back out again.

so for a while, there was henna in my bloodstream. lets go back to the bronze age – henna is blessed and my blood and i guess my whole body is now purged of the evil eye. great!

I wonder if it dyed the inside of body red.


frozen January 26, 2014

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I absolutely adore this movie. Well done Disney – you made a movie where the women aren’t one-dimensional and they don’t need men to rescue them all the time.

Elsa (the girl in this clip) is passionate, confident, and I love that little saucy walk.


Protected: im doing a talk in a few weeks January 17, 2014

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