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December 30, 2013

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four bags of junk is leaving. i dont even remember whats in those bags – girls clothes, some cheap plastic toys, outgrown baby toys, a baby bouncer seat that we used maybe three times and then left under blazes crib for a year and a half… the giant obnoxious elephant toy. so much PLASTIC JUNK. how many stuffed toys does a kid need? we have armies. when you have a girl, people don’t know what else to get you. cats, rabbits, dolls, teddies, unicorns. out, out, out.

I am making room for the lovely dollhouse that’s set to move into our living room in a few days.

I had whittled down their toys in November so truly there wasn’t much more that had been accumulated. its pretty slimmed down already, and whats  left they play with regularly. we have a box of solid wooden blocks – beautiful good quality blocks that we got from my aunt when she cleaned out her basement and that I’ve had out for the girls for two years and they have never touched. I’m going to give them to their school.

i’m headed to the bookshelves next i think. i have pulled the cheap, offensive, or badly damaged books of the girls shelves already. there are so many beautiful children’s books in the world (like this great one about chickens illustrated by jan brett) and the shitty ones that show a mouse being an angel and taking orders from god and a book about taking care of horses where the gist of it is feed them carrots and brush them and then chase butterflies with them and is basically bullshit – those are gone. all the books that are damaged, had all their “lift the flaps” pulled off, or have a date squashed between the pages – gone.

blaze has been in painting withdrawal. they’ve been out of nursery for a week and a half, and painting is blazes favorite school activity. its how i get her to go into the room each morning “oh look! looks like you’re doing some gluing and painting today, want to to see?’ i have been setting out the finger paints and the paper and the colouring books every day for blazes daily intense and concentrated painting sessions. then she has a bath while i spend half an hour cleaning every surface and every piece of furniture within ten feet of the painting zone.


overload December 27, 2013

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Christmas is busy and hectic. me and Jim managed to have two fights before noon. my acne is bad – breaking out like it hasn’t done in a long time. stress making a physical appearance. i missed a pill and turned into a bitch.

but its calm now, and all over. i actually started to feel calm on boxing day. i spent the day feeding the girls easy snacks and letting them watch too many movies and reading a cookbook in my pajamas and having conversations with my mom and brother and calling my grandma. finally – everything was calm.

my mom did a good job not going totally overboard this year. the girls, of course, got a lot of junk and crap that i now have to somehow tetris into our small apartment. of course they also got some really quality things as well, but the overload of stuffed toys and the doubles of everything is too much.

bob and Kristy got them a beautiful doll house that’s as tall as blaze. its amazing. i have no idea how we will fit it in here, but i will find a way.

while i was putting everything away last night, unpacking and tossing things into piles to sort out in the morning, i decided that i would no longer tolerate low quality stuff. we cheap out often, or i do, and as a result theres a lot of crap around that we don’t need. i am going to be much tighter on myself and allow myself to buy high quality, long-lasting beautiful things, which i hope will result in a nicer-looking home and less useless crap. and also a better toy selection for the girls. small broken plastic toys and ripped, ugly books are not attractive or fun or foster really good play.

so i will be going on a purge – a strict purge to remove shitty things from this home.

Cordelia is on antibiotics which has solved whatever the problem was as means she doesn’t have a constant 104 fever anymore, but it has killed ALL the intestinal bacteria so she is literally dribbling soups poo uncontrollably. i think i will put her on some probiotics. at least to save our couch.



dreads December 8, 2013

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IMG_3696 - Copy

I’m getting used to them suddenly super long. Very much enjoying them.

only half of them are double-length now. my ponytail had enough to make 15 dreads, so the bottom half of my head, the bottom layer dreads are super long. the rest are the same length, so now they are layered.

We had a busy day and my sweet Blaze fell asleep upright on the couch. I carried her to bed, where she protested in that “I’m still asleep but I’m going to curse at you for moving me” whining. Then she sat in her bed with her eyes closed, and slowly toppled over. Tucked her in.


December 7, 2013

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I have doubled the length of my dreadlocks. I look like a woodland fairy or something.

Its strange to have much more hair all of a sudden, I need to get used to it.Gaining another 6-8 inches all at once is just as unnerving as if you were cut off half your hair all at once.


Protected: dreadlocks December 1, 2013

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