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this will be about yarn November 5, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — springtwist @ 5:19 pm

i am feeling utterly compelled to knit these days. the trouble is that i sometimes don’t love the stuff that i turn out. and i always dream of big complicated things like this one and this one

i just went through the closet and the giant box of yarn and got rid of everything i didn’t realistically see myself using. i have done this before but the fact that i am doing it again should tell you that i never did it quite so ruthlessly. theres things that i have held onto for over a year, thinking “one day i’ll use that yarn” and guess what its still here. out it goes. I’m taking a bag of yarn to the girls school soon to drop off.

so if any of you want knitted things for Christmas/Hanukkah then get your orders in now. socks? scarves? hats? I want (NEED) to make it, and Christmas will give me an excuse.




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