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September 5, 2013

Filed under: Uncategorized — springtwist @ 3:43 pm

shes three and tells us all the time how grown up she is. and she is. i can’t imagine that she is the same person that slid out of me three years ago, sticky and damp and mewing. she tells stories and problem solves and makes deals. she finds creative ways to not share with her sister.

but shes still little enough to tuck herself up to fit in the hollow i make when i nap on the couch, which is where i found her just now. i fell asleep on the couch, she was playing by herself contently on the floor. Jim left for the university to work, and at some point she climbed over me, gave me a sly smile and spooned down in that space and fell asleep as well.

i think we are putting in an application to foster a dog.


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