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cicadas August 19, 2013

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Was outside with the girls drawing chalk before bedtime. I feel something kinda pinchy on my back, look over my shoulder to find a young cicada marching up my side. I guess I am sorta tree-like.

Their iinstinct drives them to climb upwards. You can keep them climbing forever if you slowly rotate your arm.

The girls were intrigued, blaze was wary. Its not an ant after all, and she only like ants. Sometimes. Cicada feet feel like cat tounge, or Velcro. Marching upwards, pulling with thick forearms and following with spindly middle and last legs. Giant alien eyes. You can see where his wings will be, once he finds a nice place on the “tree” to settle and split his old skin down the back.

My neighbor came out to sit with us for a bit. I really enjoy her company.

Met Sondra today to talk websites. Hey guys, this pipe dream is starting to come together. Its amazing. Small steps but always moving forward. I would like to have an office space. Bookshelf, coffee table, art on the walls. A change table and rocking chair for nursing mothers. A box of toys for older siblings. Then a studio space for teaching, workshops, mothers groups. An all purpose space. I see it in my head already. Its pale green and silvery-lavender.

Isn’t that crazy to think this could be a real space one day?

But right now, we are working on the website.


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