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on becoming two, your child will morph into a picky, delicate, quick-to-blow-up and stubborn toddler. August 16, 2013

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10 things Blaze hates

– peacocks

– any dog bigger than a miniature schnauzer that comes within four feet of her (it inspires squeals and arm waving. this of course,e intrigues the dog to take interest in her and try to come closer)

– garbage trucks

– the moon

– “fluffs” – this could be a piece of lint or cat hair or a feather out of our pillows. these are a huge issue since she is so often quite sticky.
– all bugs. except for ants, which she loves.

– Mats.

– a cat trying to cuddle her or sleep in her bed. a cat trying to cuddle with anyone else. In general, a cat looking happy. (must need more harassing!)

-dad trying to give mom a hug. (commonly results in whining and shoving, or at the very least dirty, careful looks)

– the “orange fish” that is apparently on top of her wardrobe. there is no orange fish, nor anything orange at all up there. this invisible orange fish is haunting her bedroom. Perhaps it is the ghost of one of our recently deceased tiger barbs, out to forever terrify us since we flushed his body.


the moon? really? yes. she hates it. “i dont like the moon! make it go away!”


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