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August 15, 2013

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left the kitchen for a few hours after making 25 pints of dill pickles (we shall get bored of dill pickles, i’m sure.) i had every intention of cleaning up the kitchen and dealing with the laundry pile that is bigger than my kids, but then i (most ironically) got caught up watching a documentary on the Amish instead of working. what a beautiful, private culture. i am very curious about these people, yet it’s so hard to learn about since they keep themselves to themselves, protecting and cherishing their lifestyle. and yet, one family agreed to be filmed for a documentary despite the extremely high risk of being kicked out by their church and shunned by the community if they were discovered being filmed. they went forward with it becasue they felt like they should be spreading Gods word, and if God brought them this film crew, it was his wish that they be filmed even if it made them uncomfortable. they said “if it lightens one persons heart,” as in, “that will be worth it”. i can’t get over the mothers outlook on her life. its really worth watching and learning from. i wish there was a way to write a letter to them or something, say how much i enjoyed them sharing their lives with me.

later, i hunted around on the internet indulging myself watching soap-making videos while the girls played so nicely together. they are working cooperatively together on a dora colouring book right now. i do have the best children.

so eventually, after feeding everyone dinner and killing some more time being a lazy ass, i got back in the kitchen on a whim when i decided to make some solid perfumes. i have been next to Michelle all summer at the market, and her stuff is delicious. the thing is, i am very wary of essential oils since some of them can be pretty dangerous and bad for you. luckily henna heals has a trained aromatherapist on board with us, so we are all getting updates now and again to essential oils – safe vrs not safe. i dont doubt that Michelle knows her stuff for the most part.

then i hit on it –  of course! i could just sort of ‘steep’ things in oils for a good long time and get my scents that way. so i made (am making, more like,) two scents – one is straight-up lavender cause i trust my own lavender oil, and the other is cinnamon/clove/allspice. i’m going to smell like a pie. or like Christmas. well, i hope so, anyway, if the steeping thing works out how i have it in my head. im kinda feeling like it wont though. but the lavender one is nice.

Ive also been learning that you can make shampoo bars with henna in them. henna does amazing things to your hair, my hair was totally different after i dyed it. putting henna in shampoo bars will give you jsut a tiny hint of colour but all teh benefits. nice. so long as its not so ‘detangling’ that it melts my dreads out. i doubt it – thy have been shrinking up SO FAST this summer.

i have always liked my hair, but this dreadlock experiment has made me really like my hair. i am quite settled and happy with these dreadies, and i like that each one is different and that they change over time. i had one that was bent at a right angle for a long time, pulling itself into all sorts of twists and it shrank. now its straightened out again with two great lumps to show where its corners used to be.

speaking of being a total hippie, i also ran out of dishwasher detergent so opened pinterest to find a recipe. homemade stuff is so darn easy. need a few loads to see how well it works. it better work, cause i used all the citric acid that i bought for cheese making to make it. the laundry detergent, by the way, is brilliant. i can’t imagine buying it again.

the smell test says that steeping in oil may not be successful.

bed time in 5 minutes.


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