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so. much. canning. August 14, 2013

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check this out! somebody bought some pre-rolled cones from me on etsy. I tracked all of what etsy has billed me and also how much people have bought, and I have made a profit! its $1.33. nice eh?

at the market, things are going better. I am gradually increasing my average – now I get $25 a week on average. a grand total of $431. I am not breaking even yet, but close enough I think of it as being a success, considering how slow its going.

i have been hearing a number recently, that people should be doing about 10,000 steps a day at minimum, just in order to stay healthy. this is not enough if you are not already healthy, its just to keep you at a stable amount of healthy. if you do much less (and i’m sure lots of people do much, much less, particularly if they have office jobs) then you just aren’t even reaching that basic minimum of activity level. so i bought a pedometer. you know what? 10,000 steps is not a whole lot. on the days i stick at home and the most i do is walk the laundry up and down the back steps and walk around the apartment, i of course come nowhere close to that. but add in a walk to the post office and the bank, and suddenly its quite achievable. it’s not hard at all. just walk more. yesterday i did six trips to and from the market, carrying various things and got my 10,000 easily.

one day im going to clip this pedometer to cordelia. I’m sure she can get 10,000 just by sitting on the couch.

almost the entire bushel of corn has gone a) into three pint jars of corn relish, and b) into a million plastic tubs in the freezer. a couple jars of pickled eggplant, one small jar of pickled garlic cloves (balsamic and oregano) and i haven’t been anywhere near the bushel of cukes. i can definitely see how changes in refrigeration and industrial agriculture freed up so much time.


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