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good day today August 14, 2013

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sunny and clear.

got two bushels of food from the market for storage – 26 ears of corn to “peel” (as B calls it, watching me slice the kernels off with a knife) and freeze, and half a bushel of pickling cukes. and we were in luck – one of the farmers this week was damn near giving away HUGE bundles of dill. i have a bunch of dill as tall as my kid, for $3.50. then throughout the afternoon Carmen kept tipping in things on top of the cukes – a melon, beans, eggplants, peppers, until the bushel was full to the top. $60 for the whole lot. holy crap. we are rich in corn and cukes right now. anybody want some dill pickles? Cukes from Bradford, dill from Niagara?

I told Carmen yesterday that her family feeds my family, and that he bulk of our produce comes from her. she pulled up short, made a face and said “that’s a big responsibility you know? hearing that always makes me shiver a bit” love all my farmers.

so that’s what I’m up against today – 26 ears of corn and something like 40 lbs of cukes.


edit: okay i was wrong. its actually 42 ears of corn. i started to feel some repetitive stress injury starting while shucking/slicing them all.


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