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7 reasons why my nearly-two year old is freaking out right now. July 28, 2013

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right. now.


– her sister is playing with the wrong cookie cutters – theres some silks still visible on her cob of corn. this was not an issue for the previous cob of corn.
– the “pink” isn’t pink enough. she needs a “different pink!”
– momma won’t remove every. single. corn. silk.
-her sister is touching her chair
-we don’t have fish crackers. our crackers are squares.
– its the wrong colour bowl

after that, i dumped her in her bed with her (not fish) crackers and offensively-colored bowl and left her there. after about 4 minutes of her screaming so hard i thought maybe she would make herself sick, jim went to talk to her.

sometimes i wonder what my life would have been like without them. this could be a super quiet, sweet afternoon where i get some of my own work done and finish the slipcover.  having said that, i wouldn’t trade them and i don’t regret them. i just want a break, sometimes, from the drama of the hairy corn cobs.


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