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July 28, 2013

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slipcover is in progress. slipcovers are BIG.

i have no idea how to actually make a proper slipcover, so i am definitely kyla-ing it. which means making it up as i go and carefully thinking two steps ahead at all times, so i am pretty sure that it’ll work out. creativity is paying off here. it won’t be a single piece becauseĀ  we all know that my washing machine can’t wash something that big. it will be three pieces. and then the cushions. oh god, i forgot about the cushions. the more i work on this the more work there seems to be to it. somebody, please stop moving the slipcover goal posts.

and i couldn’t t write up a tutorial for this either, in case you wanted to make your own slipcover. i dont know what I’m doing or how i did it, but this thing is coming together. its kind of the same way i paint – Jim once hovered over me and asked “how do you do that?’ and i stopped, held the brush very still and said “you know? i’m not sure. i just do it.”

heres some slipcover making music.

i love how awkward he is, like his body isn’t exactly in his own control.


EDIT: OMG watch for the cat under the drummers leg in the first 30 seconds.


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