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today July 24, 2013

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re-cone the henna that’s been out to the market a couple times
do my own henna, i think
go through henna bags because i tihnk theres some garbage in there
prep doula bag – phone charger, notebook, feedback forms, file. – put it in the bag

knit more boobs (got 1 more, that makes a set now.)
find rogue screw in sewing bag.
mail postcards
put away all laundry and clean our room.

i’m so tired today. and the girls are napping in the room i need to clean. i will eat some lunch, write that postcard, and then try to be motivated to do something even slightly productive. i hate not being productive. maybe it will even be sit and knit a boob while watching a show or something.

maybe i should sit and knit while i watch a Victorian farm episode to further illustrate my slothfulness.

total profit from 13 weeks of henna at the market: 294 (and two pints of raspberries). that’s a whole $22 a week on average. at this rate, I still have $200 to make up for before it even pays for itself.


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