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July 20, 2013

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blaze woke up super early – and we had a sweet cuddle on the couch. then she threw up. i cleaned her up, cleaned up the couch, get her a bottle of water+a tiny bit of juice, and she cuddled on the couch under a blanket and looked terrible. threw that up too. put her in the bath, clean the couch….. settle her down, clean her up, and we have another cuddle wrapped in a towel on the big bed. she throws up again. i clean her up, change my shirt, toss the towel over the barfed-on sheet to clean up later. we are now out of clean cloths and towels and need to do a lot of laundry.

seems settled now. when i ask her ‘is your tummy still sick?’ she tells me no, her tummy is okay now. shes eating peanut butter and jam on a cinnamon raisin bagel, and is content. (i seriously hope she doesn’t barf peanut-butter-and-jam-bagel, milky barf is enough for me)

i met with another doula last night whom i met through the henna heals workshop. shes going to be my backup after Danielle goes to school, and when i tentatively brought up the idea of a collective, she was game. so now we are going to work together on a team like midwives do, and perhaps pull in a couple of other doulas as well. our skills compliment each other well, and between us we can cover a lot of ground. shes hoping to slowly wean herself out of her regular job, as though she loves it, she wants to doula for a living. it’s a good match, because we are looking to get to the same place and are willing to work for it.

now that the barf seems to be over, im feeling really tired. blaze fell asleep upright in the wagon when she went out for a trip around the block with grandma, and so she went to bed at 6 pm. she got up somewhere around 6 too. good sleep for her. but i think i went to sleep somewhere around midnight or so. its funny how, once your kids are settled and all is calm, you start to feel how you really feel. while they need me, i dont’ feel much of anything – its just action. when Cordelia was born it was the same- i could do really well on very little sleep, because your drive to care for that baby is so strong. you dont notice how tired you are until it all slows down.

well, the whole bagel went down and the tummy seems fine. shes playing with an armless t-rex  named “CANN” who is growling and climbing and screeching and talking about birthday parties.


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