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July 13, 2013

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weird dreams, interrupted a few times since blaze was having weird dreams also and kept calling out. at this point i dont remember most of them except for the last one.

i was at my parents house which also doubled as a high school apparently. my classroom was my bedroom. bunch of other students. a couple other mothers, though my kids weren’t there. (safe, somewhere else, probably home). we are learning aobut wars and doing some weird reenactment of a battle in my upstairs hallway. i want absolutely no part of this stupid exercise.

sitting in the upstairs hallway listening to some teacher set out hte rules of our play-war, somebody finds a baby in the spare bedroom. he’s abut 7 months old, and since the only baby my brain has seen recently has been my neighbours baby, it modeled this baby on him. he was just napping there, alone. somehow he becomes my responsibility, but his is great because a) i love babies and b) it gets me out of the stupid war reenactment.

baby has been secretly given to me by a young mother who cant have him at home any longer because hses beign abused and wants to keep her son safe by sending him away. it has to be secret that i’ve got him. i get a text message communicating this. i dont know who she is, but apparently she knows me and thought that i wa a good candidate to care for her son fora while so she can get herself into a better place.

this is a great dream-baby. soft, baby-warm, baby-smell, downy blonde hair. his name is louis apparently. (in hte background, my not-quite-asleep brain is saying “thats funny… im pretty sure his name is sam and he lives next door…)  very happy and cuddly. i wonder if he is breastfed or bottle fed, but in wondering my brain switches the dream around a bit and answers that question by making dream-baby root around on my suddenly naked chest. i know i have no milk, but i also know that my body will easily re-lactate if given half a chance, so i end up nursing this strange baby. cool.

and now, time to go.


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