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July 10, 2013

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jesus christ.

no idea whats going. lets just say, congratulate me on surviving the whole day. Cordelia is being a huge shit these days and im really tired of it.

jims twisted ankle makes him basically useless. almost everything there is to do around here falls on me and i’m tired of that too. i did not want my life to ultimately be composed of 90% babysitting and cleaning, and recently thats all its felt like it is. when i have somew spare time, i cannot motivate myself to use it. because that would be going to clean something.

heres all the cleaning i didn’t do today, and which nobody will do until i eventually suck it up and do it.

i didn’t clean the bathrooms. i didn’t strip all three beds. i didn’t clean up the floors or mop them. i didn’t wipe down the counters. i didn’t deal with the huge pile of clean laundry in our room, nor put away the clothes in the girls room. i didn’t pick all their sweaters off the floor (i have no idea how they got there, even) i didn’t clear the table or sweep the hallway or bedrooms.

when i had them both settled for a nap, i couldn’t bring myself to take on some mindless, soul-killing¬† and “this-will-be-completely-undone-in-three-hours-anyway” cleaning task. i feel its all i’ve been doing while i am at home. i gout out today for an hour to go to the bank and talk to the people at bell, and jim still called me with the girls screaming in the background, asking me for help but saying “but this is your hour to get your stuff done”. well it doesn’t feel like it if you call me 18 minutes in and tell me you need me to help you.

and its not like i can even go very far cause its certainly difficult to handle the two of them while you cant walk.


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