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July 7, 2013

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its hot, stuffy, and raining outside.
the oven or stove has been going  all day long. last night around 10:00 coco asked to make pizza. we said, sure, tomorrow. right now though, please go back to bed. so, pizza is one of the many things that happened today. along with a whole bunch of other cooking.

as it stands right now: i am not dressed, jim is not dressed, both girls have been naked all day. mats is asleep in the window next to me and blaze is sleeping on the couch. she is sticky and damp with sweat. she had a bath today, but you wouldnt know it now.

the raccoons tipped over my mushroom buggy and dug out all the cardboard and peanut shells and spread them all over the desk. doesn’t appear as if they have taken anything, except possibly eaten some mycelium-covered cardboard (yumm….) but theres enough left that it should be fine. but the mushrooms overnight inside for now. i swept it all up and put it back, and it was definitely less neat and tidy and all lasagna-like than it was before.

i have moved between working on henna heals stuff and working on jims illustrations. (the mad scientist, with the cat that knocks things over)  i have done very little of my own cleaning, but did do a little bit. Jim put some laundry away and we found mats, who had been missing for nearly 24 hours and got his new collar on him. i managed to convince blaze that i could maybe be allowed to trip her dirty and very long nails. she agreed, if only we also trimmed doras nails too. success.

this working from home thing is challenging but it really suits me. i dont have to get dressed. i dont have to get up on time. i can noodle around for half the morning if i want, hang out on the bed with a naked 2-year old and play tickling games and peek a boo (which is what i did today, in fact) and i know that i have stuff to do and i know how much time i need to do it and i can do it basically whenever i see fit. i can take a break to do nothing for awhile. i can take the whole lot of stuff to a different room. i can stop halfway and decide i want hot chocolate or that my kid is smelly and needs a bath. then we go play in the bath for a while.

today i am tired. i need to make a habit of getting more sleep. coco got up in the middle of the night with a bad dream, wandered out into the hallway and started to cry. she was unsettled, confused, and it took a lot of coaxing for jim to get her back to bed and calm again.

the henna workshop is on Sunday and i am hennaing at an event sat. (i think. should double-check with that as i havent got any confirmation back from them)

for hte workshop:

– rewrap balms
-cut a bunch more triangles
-weigh out hte henna into 1/3 portion baggies

need to bring:
– plastic forks
– two chairs
– nylong and carrot bags for 9 people, and a couple extra for any nylon stocking structural failures
– those three rolls of tape

cant believe i am teaching a course about henna to 9 basically strangers. and then teaching a six-week class in the fall. go tell  the Kyla from 10 years ago, she wouldn’t believe you.


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