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July 4, 2013

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fast yesterday, slow today

blew through my to-do list yesterday. tided up a few more things today – shipping that etsy order (total profit on etsy so far – $3.17) and postcards. dealt with the library fines. looks like it’s going to rain.

still waiting to hear back from that potential client.

total profits from 9 weeks of henna at the market $219. if it continues at this rate (that is, making somewhere between $5-15 in profit per week) i just might come out even. $500 in, $500 returned. well, that looks like it just might not be all that worth it. i still feel that the connections and networking that come out of it has been good.

speaking of henna –
-make cones for kits
-cut triangles for kits
-cut triangles for workshop (which is next week, oh my.)
-gather all supplies together for workshop

this consists of: (six people, allowing for up to nine)
– baggies of henna – 1/3 bag each
-nylon and carrot bag for each
-elastic bands
-a bunch of bottles of oil
-a bunch of bottles of lemon juice
-the stuff for the kits
-three rolls of tape
-blank paper for demos and practice
-pens, pencils
-projector, pp
-hh postcards and business cards
-pattern books
-henna kit instructions

on the day:
-two chairs
-couple more bowl/forks/spoons
-pattern books
-couple cones fresh henna


and now its time to go pretend i am a mushroom farmer.


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