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sicklet July 2, 2013

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Cordelia is listless. you know the first thing i notice about my kids when they are just about to get sick? they smell different. she tells me her throat feels yucky, which is why she cant drink her juice cause it tastes different. she told me this very  matter-o-factually, as if instructing someone who was very dumb, then lay out on the couch and went back to dozing.

i have had successes with hiding vegetables in smoothies and turning them into popsicles. yogurt, kale, a banana, and fruit juice. yogurt, avocado, peach, banana, fruit juice. yogurt, sweet potato, cherries, banana, fruit juice. our juice is secretly vegetable juice too, actually.

i made the kale one this morning and Cordelia wont touch it. blaze has drank three cups of it so far. theres hardly enough left to make the popsicles out of now. that’s not me complaining by the way. i’m getting kale into a 2-year old. its a feat.

for henna – my booth is paying for itself but nothing else on top. its like free advertising, but i will not get the money back that i put in. however, now i am running workshops and hopefully teaching a 6-week course, which will help significantly. i am also looking for festivals and events around the city to slide in on. i feel ready to do this henna thing.

for henna – i intend to go to the tattoo places around here and on queen and say ‘hey, i can do tattoo trials, and it will bring you more money, sooooo you should let me work for you’ and hopefully they take me up on that. to do that, i will need to make a portfolio of my artwork and my henna. and go talk

for doulaing – i contacted my midwives, and our midwife who caught Cordelia got back to me. she is sweet and lovely and just plain an awesome person (shes a midwife, of course she is awesome) she is going to hook me up with some of her clients so we can work together and she can see me doula and then she can write me a reference letter. they will be volunteer births but its a step in the right direction, making contacts with my midwives. and finishing up my qualification stuff as well.

for doulaing – i will be loosing my backup soon, in the end of august when she goes to school full time. i need to find another one. i would love to work on a team where i have two or three doulas and we all work on rotation. a collective.

okay, time to get organized for this afternoon. and clean up the kitchen.



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