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July 31, 2013

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jim woke me up before he left, but i could hear the girls playing very well together and decided to stay in bed reading for as long as i was allowed to. after a while, i decided to come check on them, make myself some food, etc.

thats when i discovered that they can reach the basket of peaches. they had eaten a couple peaches entirely, and them most o the peaches 1/3 of the way, and lined them all up on the floor.

looks like mopping is on my list today too.


July 30, 2013

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i think i would like to shower today.

i cleaned the whole damn kitchen yesterday before Jim got up. then he spent about 4 hours cooking various things – food for the girls, enchiladas for us and for the freezer, then he made bread with Cordelia while Blaze napped and chocolate ice cream with the girls as well. he did a little bit of ‘clean-up-as you-go’ but by the end of it, there is no available surface anywhere and its all gone to chaos again. around 10:30, after girls went to bed, we stood together and surveyed the mess – i said leave it, its 10;30. i’ll do it all again in the morning.  start over again.

we have a Babar book – remember the Babar series? colonial Africa, an English family made of elephants? well we have one Babar book and blaze is in love with it. she was THRILLED when we let her in on a secret – Babar could be on the TV, you know. well that was very exciting. the download did not go fast enough, (because only one guy was sharing…. turns out its not so popular) and so we had to explain to two sad and very tired faces that Babar would be ready tomorrow,w but right now its bed time.

these girls can go through a basket of peaches and a basket of nectarines in 48 hours. they are sticky ALL THE TIME. peach pits are left everywhere – on the windowsill (i can see one now) on the desk, under the couch, mixed in with the toys, in their beds. its like an Easter egg hunt. I have to remain aware of who has what right now, and in a few minutes i have to go interrogate them about where they put the pit. they are getting better at bringing me the pits now, but the learning curve is always a few days.

i had a dream that i was pregnant. i met with a potential client yesterday (in real life) who is 19 weeks, so in my dream, i was about that far. i could feel the baby shifting. it seems that i had no idea that i was pregnant and discovered it right then – feeling the baby moving and suddenly noticing my very rounded belly. (apparently i am not very observant, 20 weeks in is a bit late) i was teaching a class or something, and then suddenly clued in to being pregnant. something like that. i met Jim somewhere after teaching and was like “uhh… did you ever notice this? theres a baby in there” and he’s like ‘oh shit. i never noticed” absurd. i have faith that i would clue in a lot sooner than that – especially because last time, with Blaze the water bear, i clued in before a pee-stick would have showed much of anything. its all just familiar – theres certain things that only happen with a pregnancy, that you can catch the second time because you know when and only when they occur.

i also completely cleaned this floor yesterday. i didn’t mop it because i didn’t have time, but vacuumed up every last cheerio. i hate cheerios. now they are everywhere again.

i have two very different girls. we went for late-night gelato (as in, like an hour past bed time) and Cordelia wanted plan – just plain. that means vanilla. she doesn’t like chocolate. blaze takes one look in the case and yells “chocolate! i want chocolate, mama!” so we all picked our ice cream and got a table. one girl on each side, giggling and eating their ice cream – one vanilla, one chocolate. it was a nice moment to remind me that hey are two very different people who still need me in different ways. one vanilla girl and one chocolate girl.

i put on Babar. blaze is sitting and watching intently. Babar on TV! amazing!


b’s birthday July 29, 2013

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i asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday. the first answer was “get a pony” (yeah girl, you start that early and keep at it, it’ll happen one day) but i told her that woulndt be happening (oh god i am now that mother. no, i’m not getting you a horse.) so ehre is her alternative plan:

go to the farm to see the ponies.  and eat vanilla cake with blue icing and peaches (i’ll do something super fun with the plain white cake.)


Protected: the mad scientist July 28, 2013

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slipcover is in progress. slipcovers are BIG.

i have no idea how to actually make a proper slipcover, so i am definitely kyla-ing it. which means making it up as i go and carefully thinking two steps ahead at all times, so i am pretty sure that it’ll work out. creativity is paying off here. it won’t be a single piece because  we all know that my washing machine can’t wash something that big. it will be three pieces. and then the cushions. oh god, i forgot about the cushions. the more i work on this the more work there seems to be to it. somebody, please stop moving the slipcover goal posts.

and i couldn’t t write up a tutorial for this either, in case you wanted to make your own slipcover. i dont know what I’m doing or how i did it, but this thing is coming together. its kind of the same way i paint – Jim once hovered over me and asked “how do you do that?’ and i stopped, held the brush very still and said “you know? i’m not sure. i just do it.”

heres some slipcover making music.

i love how awkward he is, like his body isn’t exactly in his own control.


EDIT: OMG watch for the cat under the drummers leg in the first 30 seconds.


7 reasons why my nearly-two year old is freaking out right now.

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right. now.


– her sister is playing with the wrong cookie cutters – theres some silks still visible on her cob of corn. this was not an issue for the previous cob of corn.
– the “pink” isn’t pink enough. she needs a “different pink!”
– momma won’t remove every. single. corn. silk.
-her sister is touching her chair
-we don’t have fish crackers. our crackers are squares.
– its the wrong colour bowl

after that, i dumped her in her bed with her (not fish) crackers and offensively-colored bowl and left her there. after about 4 minutes of her screaming so hard i thought maybe she would make herself sick, jim went to talk to her.

sometimes i wonder what my life would have been like without them. this could be a super quiet, sweet afternoon where i get some of my own work done and finish the slipcover.  having said that, i wouldn’t trade them and i don’t regret them. i just want a break, sometimes, from the drama of the hairy corn cobs.


July 27, 2013

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cleaned the kitchen. well, okay, mostly. theres some bits left. took on a couple small, simple but nagging tasks that have been on my list FOREVER. now, GONE.

went to the market and otherwise had a quiet day. at the very last moment, jim took the girls to the zoo (we have memberships) because we were supposed to go with my brother and deanne but then, since they only got up at 2, all plans gradually fell through over the course of waiting for them to get their shit together. i am very annoyed, especially because it was his idea and he invited us.

had a nice chat with Damian today, grabbed him aside for a second from the crazyness that is their table (four people can run that stall under a 20×10 ft tent and its still not enough hands) and he said “oh hey i’ve got something for you” and i said “is it a baby goat?” he said “uhh… a live one?” then we talked about how great it would be to keep a goat kid in the garage and piss off the neighbours “if there was a way to keep ’em quiet that would be fine,” and we talked about how its crazy that Toronto STILL has not allowed backyard chickens. he told me a story of when he brought down some laying hens for someone to keep in their backyard but they had to bring them back about two weeks later. i told him to put me on the list for 6 hens and a couple goat kids in, oh , about two years. he suggested innisville and a good place to buy land. anyway what he had was a pound of ground wild boar. he motioned to the cooler, “dive in there, pick any one you want”. then he took the time out to peel two cucumbers for my girls, who detest cucumber skin. i love my farmers. do the people at metro know your name and keep cucumbers aside (and then peel them) for your kids? no, they do not. They also dont give away ground boar.

i imagine that the farmers markets are more or less these guys social lives. i like to think that we develop friendships with our farmers. the doughnut guys gave our girls extra doughnuts today becasue we missed it last week and cordelia cried about not getting her doughnuts. (it was her fault for being so freakin slow that morning. when we reminded her about how she was too slow and she missed the doughnuts, she picked up speed this morning. one would remember such a traumatic thing as missing out on your doughnuts)

im definitely not pleased with the cruddy, smudged henna. i could try to fix it but i think its at the point of “leave it alone or risk making it worse”. so many times i have wished that there was a way to get henna off faster. people ask me this question all the time too – and no, you can’t, short of peeling off your skin. unfortunately the part that smudged is the the part that’s going to last the longest. dammit. I should just not henna myself, ever. or maybe the smart thing to do would be to a) not do henna past 10:30 at night when i’m too tried to do a good job, and b) not try to henna my own feet. knee+boob combo makes it very difficult.

i have seen a trend towards henna-style tattoos and it makes me uncomfortable – that’s going to be so damn boring in about two weeks, why would you want your whole shoulder to look like some henna-styled flowers? theres some really interesting designs out there and i have copied a few in my head to my mental henna lexicon to pull from later, but seriously, they get boring fast. henna is great because it goes away right around the time you are done with it.