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what would dreadlocks do? June 7, 2013

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on the way to drop coco off at school, theres two teenaged boys in the park, trying to wrap the swings up around the top post. you know those kinds of people? the ones who thinks is great fun to make trouble for everyone else and tangle up the swing set.

twice now i have seen a dad climb up the swing bars fireman-style to try to unwrap the swing chains. its really annoying for everybody.

i watched the boys as we walked past, giving mighty big heaves on the swings to try to get them to go all the way over the top bar. standing less than 8 feet away is a grandma and grandpa with their grand kid in the baby swing, right next to these boys, watching them. i wondered why they didn’t do anything about it.

then someone shouted at them. “HEY!”

then i realized with a GIANT SHOCK that i was the one yelling at them. i actually had no idea. i know that people say that, but its true. i didn’t know it was me for about 0.2 seconds. i figured, well, gotta follow that up with something. “somebody has to untangle that later, do you mind?”

neither of them looked at me or turned around, but they got the message. they gave one last big swing, marched around like a couple of roosters long enough to try to make me think it was definitely their idea that they were going to walk away, and they certainly weren’t moving off because i had confronted them, and swaggered off somewhere else. i hardly have to say anything, its their guilty conscience that does the real work.  maybe grandma and grandpa will remember me and confront the next set of boys who ties to fuck up the swing set.

Jim was going by on his bike, on his way down to school. he gave me a funny/proud look. you actually yelled at a stranger? who are you? that’s not the girl I know.

i guess its the dreadlocks talking.

maybe i should make a bracelet, “WWDD?”


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