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ready for spring May 17, 2013

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oh yes we did.

Cordelia watched my mom paint her nails the other day and thought it utterly fascinating. shes been talking to me about it and telling me that she can paint her nails when shes all grown up i told her actually, coco, we could do it now.

so we all went to the store on an adventure and the girls picked themselves a colour. cordelia couldnt keep it together, she was so excited. she sang and shouted the whole way there, making up a song with no rhyme whatsoever about green nail polish that included quite a lot of nonsense words of her own creation. luckily, they had the green she had in mind. its even metallic.

blaze went straight for the fire truck red, which looks so weird on her, like shes a 50-something old lady with a tiny mangy dog and she should be aged too fast by being a chain smoker and clutching a terrible purse. that what fire truck red says to me, anyway. hopefully nail polish colour isn’t a dictator of your future destiny.

and i also decided to see what all the fuss was about. I’m not sure i get it yet. maybe i will henna these feet all up, that will take the attention off the crazy brilliant white.


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